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As an important component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Chinese Herbal Medicine has not got the worldwide attention it derserves. Mostly because there was not enough meta-analyse done according to mordern medicine researching stardard. Although Chinese Herbal Medicine was not tested enough in labs, it has been tested on the human body for thousands of years. Many TCM classic books, which have been passed on for thousands of years, have systematically recorded it’s significant results for a wide range of health conditions, especially for chronic health problems, self immune problems, gastino-intestinal disorder, skin disorders and gynecology problems and many more. It can improve life quality for people who suffer from those problems. Nowadays, more and more acupuncturists started using Chinese Herbal Medicine in between acupuncture treatments to improve the result and because, in many cases, clients could not visit as often as they were supposed to, due to financial and logistical difficulties. As more and more scientific researches are conducted to study Chinese Herbal Medicine, we believe more people will accept it and Chinese Herbal Medicine will play it’s own role in alternative remedies, just like acupuncture today.

However, Chinese Herbal Medicine is a very complicated and delicate system. It has more than 400 ingredients including plant leaves, bark, roots, minerals, even some organic ingredients. Each one will have different functions due to different preparations. Unlike some herbs in western naturopathy therapies, chinese herbs are often used as a group in a certain formula. There are hundreds of chinese herb formulas, even more modified versions of the formulas from case to case. It is very important to choose a good chinese herbal practionner.

The best way to find a qualified TCM herbal practionner is to find a registered acupuncturist who also can prescribe chinese herbal formulas. “Ordre des Acupuncteurs du Quebec” does background check on their members.

In order to adapt to fast paced life nowadays, we use 3rd party certified non-heavy metal Chinese herb extract granules from best herb suppliers in Canada in different formats: powder, tablettes or capsules. It is modern way to use Chinese herb to avoid traditional long time boiling process. It has also been proved effective clinically.