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Hong Liu is a licensed acupuncturist in the province of Quebec. Thanks to her grandfather, a renowned Chinese Medicine doctor, whose herb formula was collected by many herb formula books. She was able to experience natural healing during her childhood, and was very impressed by the effects of Chinese traditional medicine. She decided to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps to study Chinese traditional medicine. During her five-year study at Hunan Chinese Traditional Medicine University, she studied Chinese Traditional Medicine systematically, including acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Tui Na and many others. She also studied western medicine and built a good knowledge base from biochemistry to clinical medicine. This helped her to better integrate Chinese and western medical treatment. Later on she had the chance to practice with her grandfather and many other experts and obtain a MD title. Then, she worked in different departments of a general hospital for ten years and had many successes. She also has been practicing Tai Chi since she was a teenager. She strongly believes that natural healing can bring us wellness.

You can find Hong Liu on the web of l’Ordre des acupuncteurs du Quebec by clicking the link below: